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Dr. Natoshia Anderson is a prodigious, collaborative, ​gender equity/diversity and inclusion author, on a variety of related subject matters, ​with chapters featured in some of the most thought-provoking and diverse titles in their genres. For more information, and to purchase her most current works in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle, visit at the following links:




STEMming in Stilettos, Dr. Toshia's spirited flagship podcast, tackles often controversial and provocative issues in the worlds of STEM, and aims to supply information, creative solutions, and spread awareness regarding the reach of science, technology, engineering, and math nationally, and throughout the world--​particularly with respect to contemporary issues of climate change; sustainability; ecological and zoological preservation; healthcare, advancements in medicine, pandemics, and chronic disease; technological innovation; food science; gender equity/diversity and inclusion, and related access to education and opportunities for women and girls, and women and girls of color, and more.

​To download, listen to, and share her groundbreaking episodes, visit: ​ and Subscribe to its feed at: (Google) (Spotify) (Radio Public) 

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