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Founded in 2018, ​in Atlanta, GA--the Silicon Valley of the South--​Smart STEM, LLC is a STEM ​(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)​ curriculum development, STEM training, and STEM program development ​company​. ​ Smart STEM concentrates ​on expansion of ​the STEM pipeline​,​ via ​development of curriculums ​that ​honor ​a student’s gender, culture, race, and socioeconomic circumstance. ​Smart STEM also ​provides comprehensive ​training for ​teachers​, educational system leaders and staff​, and others missioned​ to work with children, so​ that ​students ​may enjoy​ a more ​effective, balanced, and ​robust experience--​both at​ and ​away from ​school.

Smart STEM ​also plan​s​ or assist​s​ in planning STEM events that ​provide​ students the ​opportunity to crucible their interests in​ STEM ​with other, like-minded pupils; hone their current​ STEM ​skill sets; ​or​​ discover​, be trained in, and ​develop a passion for,​ new STEM systems, tools, and skills​.

Smart STEM’s diverse, intensive, and tailored ​model of curriculum development,​ administrator/​teacher/​staff training​,​ and program development supplies educational systems, as well as after school organizations​,​ the opportunity to engage students effectively, utilizing a 21st-century approach. Its innovative, laser-like, inclusive approach encourages and enables​​ students from all backgrounds to cast their own footprint in the fields of STEM, and in the future,​​ to advance in the educational pursuit of STEM careers, and ensure their ultimate, unique ​and ​invaluable contributions to ​professions, research, advocacy, and mentorship in​ the world of STEM.

Smart STEM offers the following tailored, comprehensive, systemic and individualized STEM educational consulting services:

  • Curriculum Development​: For universities/colleges, schools ​(private ​and public), ​administrators, ​teachers and ​other educational system staff​, who ​require ​more integrated STEM lessons and curriculum​s, which ​can also be customized for summer camps and after school programs​;

  • Professional Development​: ​Delivers customized​, individual and group​ training for K-12 educators; and,

  • STEM Programs​: ​D​esigned to introduce and enhance interest in​ the diverse array of professions in the world of ​STEM​, and cultivate a future applicant pool in the same, particularly for girls, ​girls of color, and other​ underserved communities ​and​ minority groups.

Training Client List

  • DeKalb County School District, Stone Mountain, GA (US)

  • Okefenokee RESA, Waycross, GA (US)

  • West 40 Schools, Chicago, IL (US)


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Dr. Natoshia Anderson

Atlanta + Georgia

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